16 Things That Make Horror Movies A Lot Less Scary

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When it comes to horror movies, there are some things that are scary, and some things that are, well, not.

Well, we asked the horror fans of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the things that make horror movies a whole lot less scary to them – here’s what they said.

1. When the person running away from the villain trips over, and then attempts to crawl away.

2. Way too many jump scares.

3. When all the characters are given an explicit warning about their fate, but everyone just ignores it.

4. When the villain's identity is revealed too soon and the terrifying fear of the unknown evaporates.

5. The random sex scene amidst all the terror.

6. When something scary happens and the characters have zero sense of speed and/or urgency.

7. When the characters decide to venture into the basement, unarmed and without a light.

8. Or when they hear a strange sound and yell out to a potential intruder.

9. Too much blood and gore.

10. When the ominous music just isn't subtle and kills the suspense.

11. When zombies have inexplicable strength and are seemingly invincible.

12. When the most incompetent character is the last one standing and they somehow manage to defeat the villain.

13. When the villain stalks their prey at about 2mph, but still manages to catch them up.

14. Plot twists that are way more illogical than they are scary.

15. When the victim doesn't do a thorough job of killing the villain.

16. When it's getaway time and the car won't start.

What horror movie clichés do you always spot? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to follow the BuzzFeed Community to be featured in future posts!

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