25 Fan Reactions To "Love Is Blind" Season 3 So Far

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The consensus is in: we have two clear villains.

The second batch of Love Is Blind Season 3 dropped yesterday and people have a lot of thoughts about the progression of this season's couples.

Zanab looks at Cole and says "I'm really scared"

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Note: if you're still catching up on episodes, this post contains spoilers. Check out this fan reaction roundup of Episodes 1–4 in the meantime!

I'm sure if you're reading this, you have a lot of thoughts too. Just remember one thing before proceeding:


Love is Blind is so good. They took 10 people with absolutely childlike ideas of what it means to be in love/in a relationship & convinced them it’s deep to get married to someone they can’t stand just because they dated for 3 days without seeing each other. I’d watch 10 seasons

02:31 AM - 22 Oct 2022

Via Twitter: @_brittanyv


Nancy is making $2-300,000 talking about its our money when Bartise is over here shooting his shot at other women and disrespecting her to get face saying she’s unattractive???????? #LoveIsBlind3 #LoveisBlindS3 #LoveIsBlind

10:49 AM - 26 Oct 2022

TikTok: lilleezyy / Via Twitter: @Jayonce_Inc


Brennon talking about what he loves about Alexa was the first time I've ever heard a guy genuinely describe what he loves about the woman and not what she makes him feel like. #LoveIsBlind3 #LoveisBlindS3 #LoveIsBlind

09:40 PM - 26 Oct 2022

Via Twitter: @nicolemoonyt


I really hope young women watching #LoveIsBlind are able to see the toxicity of these men. Bartise & Cole blatantly disrespecting their partners because of their fixation on physical attributes & Matt defaulting to irrational anger towards a partner being honest. Big yikes. 🚩🚩

11:56 AM - 26 Oct 2022

Via Twitter: @natalieamdaley

25. If you're feeling hopeless about these couples, just remember what we once had:

If none of these new couples last, I'm even more convince Love is Blind was literally made just for Cameron and Lauren to meet.

02:36 AM - 20 Oct 2022

Via Twitter: @eboneerachelle

What do you think of Season 3 so far?

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