Changes to point calculations for Keywords.get and Bids.get

5 years ago 16

Next week, we will change the number of points deducted and calculation logic for the get method in the Keywords and Bids services.

Previously, to retrieve data for keywords (Keywords.get), you would spend 1 point for every keyword and 15 points for every method call. We decided to decrease the cost of these operations and balance points when working with the Keywords and Bids services.

New values:

Keywords.get – 1 point per 2000 keywords, if none of the Productivity, StatisticsSearch, StatisticsNetwork parameters are requested, and 3 points for 2000 keywords with a request for any statistical data.

Bids.get – 3 points per 2000 keywords.

If fewer than 2000 keywords are retrieved, points are deducted only for the method call. The cost in points for get method calls in these services remains unchanged.

As a result, the cost in points will decrease in general, especially if you previously spent a lot of points to synchronize data for keywords. Additionally, you will be able to flexibly select which keywords you want to retrieve data for and how much you will spend.

In other news:

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