Disney fans spot mistake in scenes from Up

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Scenes from the Disney film Up have gone viral online as fans spotted the same character appearing in two totally different moments.

The heart-warming film, which was released in 2009, follows older gentleman Carl eventually making an adventure with a boy scout named Russell after he turns the home into an aircraft with a net of balloons, remembering his wife Ellie and their long life together. 

In a montage at the start of the movie, the couple's life together is shown on screen, with scenes showing Carl and Ellie tying-the-knot and learning they are unable to have children.

Earlier this week, a Disney fan spotted the same character appearing in both scenes, apparently portraying both a priest and a doctor. 

Posting on Reddit, the user @wietpeukjes shared grabs from both scenes, writing: 'Just rewatched Up. Is the priest that marries Ellie and Carl also the doctor that brings them the news Ellie can't have kids?'

Scenes from the Disney film Up have gone viral online as fans spotted the same character appearing in two totally different moments (pictured, the priest with Ellie and Carl) 

The same male character in the church scene is also visible comforting the couple in a doctor's office, apparently a medical professional 

The post was referring to a male character present in both scenes, who appeared to be a similar build and height.

He also had a similar white hairstyle, as well as almost identical facial features. 

Many other Reddit users agreed with the original post, with one person responding: 'Hey, in this economy you need two jobs to survive.'

Another commented: 'LOL, same guy for sure. I mean, I don't think they intended it to be, just hoped no one would notice.'

A third joked: 'It's a very small town.'

A fourth added: 'Good eye. Never noticed that. Not sure if it's quite the same, but it's really close.'

 'Woah, that's weird to think about. I'd likely say they just reused the character model and slightly changed the hair colour instead. It'd make more sense than the priest being a doctor.'

It's far from the first time that it's emerged Disney has 'recycled' a scene or character - they have used some of its backgrounds and animation sequences over and over again.

Many other Reddit users agreed with the original post, with one person saying they had 'never noticed' the similarities between the two characters before 

The technique is called rotoscoping and industry insiders say it is a legitimate method of cutting costs in movie-making.

The process was invented in 1915 and involved humans acting out scenes for animators to trace in order to make the cartoons more realistic.

Researchers previously revealed that scenes from much-loved cartoons such as Robin Hood and Winnie The Pooh were copied from the studio's earlier hits.

Large parts of the 1973 film Robin Hood were taken from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937), The Jungle Book (1967) and The Aristocats (1970).

Robin Hood's Maid Marian does the same dance that Snow White did for the dwarfs 36 years earlier.

Meanwhile, Mowgli receives the same kiss from a dog in The Jungle Book as Arthur does in 1963's The Sword In The Stone.

And in the 1977 hit Winnie The Pooh, Christopher Robin climbs the same tree that Mowgli did a decade before.

Up is the tale of Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner), a grumpy septuagenarian who once dreamed of being an explorer - as did his beloved wife Ellie.

Together, they saved up to follow in the footsteps of Charles F. Muntz (Christopher Plummer) and visit Paradise Falls in South America, home to a lost world of curious creatures.

But everyday considerations, such as burst tyres and a leaking roof, meant they never followed their dream, and their marriage, though loving, was childless.

After Ellie's death, Carl decides to escape the developers who are building all round his house by attaching helium balloons to it, and floating off to Venezuela.

He accomplishes lift-off with surprising ease, but is annoyed to find himself accompanied by a spherical eight-year-old Asian-American called Russell (Jordan Nagai), who is determined to get his last scouting badge by 'assisting the elderly', even if Carl patently doesn't wish to be assisted. 

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