GPT tool that connects to any database and writes a query in SQL and NoSQL code

1 month ago 8

We have a few tables without foreign keys and each has ~100-200 columns and a few tens of thousands of entries.

I'd love to see it build me queries, but I don't think it can figure out that 9 different columns over 3 different tables control whether a product is on the platform, or that there's 7 different flags over 2 tables that control whether it is only on our website or also in our apps.

Like, that's the stuff we need to do on that DB. Someone asks us "Send us all products that are or were online between X and Y date on Z platform from A country and sold in B country". I don't think it can do any of that.

Someone else said it largely replaces BI and that seems accurate. The data is already structured to hell and back.

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