GTA 5: Surveying the Score Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

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Franklin, Michael, Trevor, and Lester scout out a couple of Union Depository cars in preparation for the next big score.

 Surveying the Score Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Once upon a time, a much younger Michael, Trevor, Lester, and Brad had high dreams of one day pulling off the biggest score of their lives, which they lovingly called “The Big One.” Unfortunately, things did not go as planned in their last heist together, which led to the breakup of what was once a heist dream team.

Fast forward a few years, Michael, Trevor, and Lester are back in the heist business, and with an able body in Franklin now part of their team, going for “The Big One” does not seem as impossible as they previously thought.

In this guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about Surveying the Score and how you can complete the mission with a Gold Medal.

Surveying the Score Synopsis

The mission starts with Trevor at Vanilla Unicorn, hyping customers and getting drunk. Trevor slowly makes his way back to the office to get some beer. A few moments later, Michael arrives, followed closely by Franklin.

Franklin asks Trevor how he got a hold of Vanilla Unicorn; Trevor answers by saying he has had the place for a while. Franklin is suspicious as he personally knows the old manager, Leon, so he asks Trevor if he knows Leon. Trevor answers no, forcing Franklin to give up on the topic.

Lester arrives just as the topic about Leon dies down and fills Franklin in on what they are meeting up for. Lester tells Franklin a story about his, Michael’s, Trevor’s, and Brad’s dreams of accomplishing “The Big One,” about the group’s aspirations of stealing a huge amount of money from one of the biggest vaults in the region – The Union Depository.

To do this, the group has to devise a plan to successfully enter the UD, steal the vault, escape with the gold and keep their lives intact. So the trio and Lester set out to scout some armored cars going on a dry run to the Union Depository. Lester and Trevor map out the armored cars’ so they can come up with a hijack point, while Franklin and Michael head to the Union Depository and report on anything that stands out around the building.

Franklin and Michael doubt the lax security detail outside the Union Depository. Meanwhile, Trevor tries to bribe Lester into helping him bust Brad out of prison. Lester turns him down, telling him to ask Michael for help instead.

Trevor and Lester arrive at Trevor’s Airfield in Blaine County to pick up Trevor’s chopper. They then fly back to Los Santos and stalk the two armored cars to find the best place to hijack the cars on their way to the Union Depository.

They eventually agree on one of the tunnels as the best place to hijack the armored cars because of how secluded the area is. With that part of the heist settled, the pair fly towards a construction site where a new Los Santos Metro tunnel is being made to take some footage.

With the job done, Lester and Trevor fly back to Blaine County, and Michael drives Franklin back home.

Surveying the Score Gold Medal Objectives

  • Perfect Distance: Follow the vans without being warned about distance.
    • Keep a good distance behind the vans.
  • Cavity Search: Find the construction hole within 20 seconds.
  • Under the Bridge: Fly under the bridge while following the security vans.
    • The best place to execute this is at the bridge at the drainage site.
  • Tunnel Flight: Fly through the tunnel while following the security vans.
  • Time: Complete within 11:00
    • Skip the cutscenes to save time.

Surveying the Score Mission Guide

You will have to play as Michael first. Get in the car and drive towards the Union Depository marked yellow on the map.

Survey the area by pressing the assigned button.

Next, make your way to the next surveying location.

As soon as the cutscene ends, the play will switch to Trevor. Drive towards the Airfield and get to the chopper.

Fly back to Los Santos and follow the armored cars.

It is best to follow the armored cars from behind. As soon as the helicopter gets anywhere near the side or front of the armored cars, you will be warned, which will cause you to fail the Perfect Distance Gold Medal objective.

As soon as the armored cars approach the first bridge, fly away towards the bridges at the sewer system and fly under them to complete the Under the Bridge Gold Medal objective.

Follow the armored cars into the tunnel to complete the Tunnel Flight Gold Medal objective.

The construction hole will be behind the building towards the left of the Arcadius Center. Refer to the orange arrow in the image below. Fly to it quickly to complete the Cavity Search Gold Medal objective.

Hover the helicopter above the hole for a bit while Lester takes the footage he needs.

Fly back to Blaine County in the helicopter.

Preparing for the Big One

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor just need to wait for Lester to develop the master plan for The Big One. With a revamped team of very able bodies, Lester believes executing the Union Depository heist isn’t as impossible as he first thought.

Surveying the Score is a very challenging mission because of the helicopter-centric gameplay. As always, just skip all the cutscenes to save time, remember to fly behind the armored cars, and just follow the guide above to find the construction hole location quickly, and you will be on your way to completing this mission with a Gold Medal.

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