NSW election 2023 live results: Chris Minns celebrates historic victory as Labor returns to power – latest news

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Key events

Less certainty around close seats

A number of seats that various TV networks were eager to call early now appear far less certain, as the count broadly progresses to 50%-60% of the vote.

The ABC is now projecting Labor to win Holsworthy by just 0.6%.

Labor is now projected to win Kiama by 1.8% – held by ex-Liberal turned independent Gareth Ward.

In Wollondilly, the ABC is projecting independent Judy Hannan will win by a margin of 0.7%.

Independent Larissa Penn’s projected lead in Willoughby has also shrunk. The ABC are projecting her as 0.2% ahead of Liberal Tim James.

Watch Dominic Perrottet’s concession speech here:

'Reflect and renew': Dominic Perrottet stands down as NSW Liberal leader – video

Minns says Labor win ‘a vote against privatisation’

Premier elect Chris Minns has said Labor’s victory in the New South Wales election was at least in part fought over privatisation.

It’s undeniably the case that today’s election was also a decisive vote against privatisation. To retain Sydney Water and Essential Energy in New South Wales Government.

In the final weeks of the campaign, Labor ramped up its messaging about the Coalition’s history of and plans for privatisation of state assets.

Minns also thanks various Labor party figures and advisers, as well as the union movement – which drew a noticeable round of applause from the crowd of supporters.

Minns ends by thanking his family.

After 12 years in opposition, I want to say to the people who voted for Labor or voted for the Liberals and Nationals or voted for independents or minor party candidates today. We’ve been elected by the people of this state but we will govern for everyone in NSW.

We know that the challenges are huge. We know the responsibilities are awesome, but NSW Labor is back and ready to govern in this great state. Thank you.

Chris Minns is making his victory speech

“Friends after 12 years in opposition the people of New South Wales have voted for a fresh start,” he says, thanking the Labor party faithful in the crowd.

Minns thanks volunteers who helped his campaign to retain his own seat of Kogarah, which was a concern going into the election.

I thought it was going to be close but in the end we got there.

Minns then thanks outgoing premier, Dominic Perrottet, for his service to NSW.

I would like to say thank you to the premier for his service on behalf of the people of NSW.

He echoes Perrottet’s reflection of the NSW campaign.

It’s undeniably the case that this election campaign perhaps uniquely was a model of respect and civility and neither party took the low road. Neither political party took the low blow. And I think it can be a model for the way democracy is done right across this country.

Now, I can’t say that every election campaign in the future will be conducted the same way. But from now on, no one will be able to say that it can’t be.

Minns walks to stage amid cheers of ‘Labor! Labor!’

Premier-elect Chris Minns, walking with his wife and three sons, is making his way through a crowd of elated supporters at Labor’s election night function, as he takes to the stage to claim victory in the New South Wales election.

Those in the crowd are chanting “Labor, Labor”.

As he walks onto the stage, Anthony Albanese takes Minns’ hand and lifts it in the air.

PM warms up the Labor crowd for premier-elect

Anthony Albanese has taken the stage at Labor’s election night function to welcome on Chris Minns.

The crowd applauded the prime minister as he walked onto the stage, but he said “tonight is someone else’s night”.

“Friends tonight the people of New South Wales have come together to choose a better future.”

“I have had the very good fortune of knowing Chris for many, many years And what I know, without doubt, is that he embodies all that is best about the Australian Labor party.”

Prime minister Anthony Albanese addresses party faithful at a NSW Labor reception.
Prime minister Anthony Albanese addresses party faithful at a NSW Labor reception. Photograph: Dean Lewins/AAP

Just unpacking a bit more of Dominic Perrottet’s speech:

He said Liberal MP Stuart Ayres “can hold his head very high”, as the Penrith MP stares down a loss to Labor. The ABC is projecting he will lose the seat, but when speaking to Sky News earlier, Ayres was yet to concede.

During Perrottet’s concession speech a few minutes ago, the outgoing premier said:

It doesn’t appear that Stuart (Ayres) will have the result that he wanted, or that I wanted this evening in Penrith. But Stuart can hold his head very high. He’s served his community of Penrith incredibly well and he served our state with distinction.

Immediately after Dominic Perrottet finishes speaking, the ABC panel asks Matt Kean if he will run for Liberal leadership. Kean again says it is too early to say.

Dominic Perrottet to stand down as Liberal leader

Dominic Perrottet has announced he will step down as Liberal leader, claiming the party needs a “fresh start”.

As Perrottet announced this during his concession speech, the crowd at Liberal gathering jeered.

“To everyone in the Liberal party, I’d say this next period of time will not be easy, but it will be necessary.

It is a time to reflect. It is a time to rethink and ultimately to renew. To renew as leader of the parliamentary Liberal party, I take full responsibility for the loss this evening. And as a result, I will be standing down as the parliamentary leader (jeers) of the Liberal party. It’s very clear we need a fresh start for the Liberal party.”

Dominic Perrottet feels a “profound sense of gratitude” to have led New South Wales

Now friends, it goes without saying. I think we all wanted to have a different result this evening.

But we as a party, we as a government should be very proud of what we have achieved together.

I feel a profound sense of gratitude to have been able to serve the people of New South Wales.

Make no mistake, we’ve made history of being in government for the longest time since our party was formed. And our government has achieved so much in so many ways. We’ve kept NSW strong, free and fair.

Perrottet said NSW is a “much better place today than it was 12 years ago” and that the Coalition’s legacy will be one “of infrastructure, of investment and of imagination”.

He names the metro projects in Sydney, as well as more controversial motorways, museums and stadiums, as important elements of the Coalition’s legacy in government.

Outgoing premier asks for support for incoming opponent

Outgoing premier Dominic Perrottet has asked New South Wales residents, regardless of political leaning, to “get behind” Chris Minns as premier.

I truly believe and have no doubt that he will make a fine 47th premier of New South Wales because I believe that he will lead with the same decency and the same integrity that he has led with so far.

Ultimately I ask everybody across NSW, whatever your political persuasion, to get behind him, to get behind him, because where NSW goes well, our country goes well, and that is something that is something tonight, I believe, we can all unite behind.

Dominic Perrottet begins concession speech

The Liberal leader has arrived at the Liberal’s election night function and is delivering his concession piece.

“A short while ago, I called Chris Minns to congratulate him and the Labor party on their election victory,” he said to a mixed reception form the Liberal faithful.

“The great people of New South Wales tonight have decided to elect a Labor government in the state. And that is a decision that we respect. I particularly tonight want to acknowledge the leader of the opposition. Elections can get ugly, but I believe this election truly was a race to the top.

“A genuine battle of ideas. And that’s when politics is at its best.”

Dominic Perrottet giving his concession speech.
Dominic Perrottet giving his concession speech. Photograph: ABC TV

John Howard arrives at Liberal function

Tamsin Rose

Tamsin Rose

The former PM is now at the Liberal’s election night party in Sydney’s CBD – where the mood is grim.

Howard arrived at the Liberal event at 9.40pm and walked into the ballroom with his wife Janette and Liberal minister Alister Henskens as Thunderstruck by AC/DC was played.

Howard praised Dominic Perrottet’s policies and campaign.

“He put forward ideas. He was bold. I particularly admired his stance on poker machines. They are a social evil in this country and I think his stance on that was admirable.”

Asked if Perrottet stayed true to conservative values, Howard said:

“I think Dom, he got the balance right.”

Howard also had some pleasant words for both Perrottet and Labor leader Chris Minns:

“The other thing I want to say is I pay tribute to the civil the campaign was conducted by both leaders.”

Ayres not conceding

Penrith Liberal MP Stuart Ayres is on Sky News now and is not conceding his seat just yet, despite projections Labor has won the seat.

Labor MPs dividing up ministries

At least one Labor MP is already talking about her colleagues’ portfolios with the party set to form government in NSW.

As cheers erupted at ALP headquarters in Sydney on Saturday night, Penny Sharpe confirmed she would be environment minister, Daniel Mookhey would be treasurer and transport would go to Jo Haylen, reports AAP’s Luke Costin.

No surprises here – these are the shadow portfolios each of them has held in opposition so they’ll be well versed on their new ministries.

Penny Sharpe
Labor MP Penny Sharpe has confirmed she will be NSW new environment minister. Photograph: Mick Tsikas/AAP

Outgoing premier on his way to Liberal party event

Dominic Perrottet has just left his home in Sydney’s Hills district and is headed toward the Liberal party’s election night function in the CBD.

TV cameras captured Perrottet being driven out of his home a few moments ago. It is a 25 minute drive to the Liberal party function.

Terrigal is going down as a Labor gain

The Central Coast seat was held by the Liberals’s Adam Crouch on a margin of 12.3%. Crouch has held the seat for three terms. It was considered a Liberal stronghold.

Tonight, Labor’s Sam Boughton is projected to win the seat with a 1.5% margin, according to the ABC.

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