Return to Silent Hill: Take a Look at the Upcoming Movie Sequel

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Silent Hill 2 may be getting a game remake, but the announce from Konami has also revealed that a movie adaptation based on the second game is also in the works.

 Take a Look at the Upcoming Movie Sequel

Watch an inside look at the development for Return to Silent Hill:

The SILENT HILL series is expanding beyond the world of video games. This is a video message from the director and producer of the film adaptation project.

The first Silent Hill movie had come out in 2006, and the film was apparently a huge success that a follow-up Silent Hill: Revelation had come out in 2012—too bad it basically ended any box office potential for the IP.

Director Christophe Gans says that it was his immersion of the games that made his first movie so wel-liked by fans. He explains, “The first film was so well-received by fans of Silent Hill because they felt that I was one of them and it was so important for me to respect the original creation… everything starts from this respect.”

With the director of the first film coming back for Return to Silent Hill, maybe there is a chance to rejuvenate interest in the franchise, especially since it’s been dormant for almost a decade. I mean, how has Resident Evil managed to stay so long on the big screen despite being deemed as B-tier films?

Hopefully we get an update on the sequel soon. My guess is it could either come out alongside the remake or maybe sometime after. We’ll just have to wait and see.

For now, Return to Silent Hill still has no release date.

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