Vegan passenger on Japan Airlines flight baffled after 'receiving single banana for breakfast'

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Plane bizarre! Vegan passenger baffled after being served a single BANANA for breakfast on Japan Airlines flight

By Jessica Taylor For Mailonline

Published: 17:30 GMT, 21 February 2023 | Updated: 17:39 GMT, 21 February 2023

A vegan passenger on a long-haul flight has expressed their bewilderment after being served up a single banana for breakfast.

Kris Chari, who flew from Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on a Japan Airlines flight, claims they told the airline ahead of time about their dietary requirements but were left less than impressed by their speciality meal.

The passenger posted a photo of a tray which had been handed to them containing a glass of fizz, some cutlery and the singular piece of fruit on a plate looking a little bit sorry for itself.

After being left baffled by their 'meal', the passenger took to a forum on the Flyer Talk website to raise the wider issue of how airlines cater for passengers with dietary requirements, the Mirror reports. 

The passenger wrote: "When [cabin crew staff] served the banana after take-off I thought it was just an underwhelming appetizer, but it was in fact the entire meal service.'

Kris Chari, a passenger on a Japan Airlines flight, was left disappointed (and most likely, hungry) after receiving a single banana for 'breakfast' when they asked for a vegan meal on their flight from Jakarta

While the passenger conceded it was a very tasty piece of fruit, they admitted they were disappointed to be served such a simple meal for breakfast. 

After the somewhat underwhelming breakfast, the passenger claimed they were then served 'barely seasoned spaghetti' for lunch.

Femail has contacted Japan Airlines for comment.

The bizarre in-flight story comes as a travel expert has revealed the most annoying types of people you will find yourself sitting next to on a plane.

Nicky Kelvin, who runs The Points Guy UK, has named and shamed the different types of people in a series of videos. 

While he gives nicknames you may not have heard of, the travel guru's descriptions of irritating passengers will no doubt strike a chord with many travellers.

They include the 'Window Blinder' who refuses to close the blind when everyone else is trying to sleep.

Another passenger to steer clear of is the 'Food Interrupter', who chooses to head to the toilet when the crew are trying to move the food and drink cart through the cabin. 

Perhaps one of the most irritating passengers is the 'Headrest Grabber'. This is the person who uses the headrest of the seat in front of them as a support when they stand up from their own seat, which almost certainly disturbs the person in front of them.

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