Vicky Pattison plunges into an ice bath while detailing anxiety struggles

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Vicky Pattison plunged into an ice bath while detailing her recent struggles with her anxiety in a candid Instagram post on Friday.

In a lengthy caption, the former Geordie Shore star, 35, told her followers she was determined to overcome the 'controls' of her inner critic, and after some much-needed downtime and self-care, she is feeling 'better than she has in ages.'

Vicky's post was accompanied by a gallery of images, two of which showed her stripped down to a bikini and plunging into the freezing cold water. 

The reality show royalty sported a black halter neck string bikini and a wooly hat as she took the icy plunge.

In her caption she explained she had been struggling with her mental health the last few weeks, and was particularly troubled by her ongoing anxiety. 

Ice queen: Vicky Pattison, 35, plunged into an ice bath while detailing her recent struggles with her anxiety in a candid Instagram post on Friday

Brrrilliant: The Geordie Shore star shared a gallery of images documenting her recent battles with mental health, and included two images of her taking the freezing plunge

Vicky penned:  'Over the last couple of weeks I'd made no secret of the fact I've been struggling a little bit with my anxiety - more so than ever it feels like my inner critic is determined to control me and make me believe all the horrible things it tries to convince me of'.

She added that, whilst a recent staycation had helped alleviate some of her negative emotions, she was by no means cured.

She wrote: 'I can't tell you I'm cured after a week in the woods - I wish I could - we could all just book lovely staycations, go on some nice walks, chill out and VOILA! Bobs your uncle, Fannie's your aunt, and Keith is your long lost cousin from Perth: ANXIETY GONE. 'But things don't work like that'.

'I'm certainly feeling better after the rest and downtime - a bit of peace and quiet with my boys is precisely what the doctor ordered but I think this time it took more than some good nights' sleep to allow the sunlight through the clouds'. 

She thanked her friends and fans for the support they had shown her and for making her feel less abandoned in her struggles. 

She continued: 'I have received so many messages of support from you all - some of you even sharing your own experiences and making me feel less alone and scared.

Despite her inner demons, the TV personality said she needed to keep pushing herself and not to let her inner critic win. 

She penned: 'I needed to challenge myself, to push myself, to put myself in situations that made me a bit nervous, that caused my inner critic to roar 'YOU CAN'T DO THIS'...just so I could roar back:'YES I F**CKING CAN!' 

Struggling: The star used the post as an opportunity to open up about her mental health difficulties as she has been plagued with anxiety

'YES I F**KING CAN!': The TV personality said she has been challenging herself to venture out of her comfort zone to qualm negative voices in her head

Grateful: The reality queen took the time to thank her fans for sharing their own struggles as they made her feel 'less alone and afraid'

Inspiring: The brunette stunner called out to her fans to push back against their own inner doubts and demons

She continued: 'I had to get out of my head to overcome my anxieties and fears recently - I needed to face them if I've got any hopes of conquering them, growing, and becoming happier, healthier, and less beholden to that toxic little voice in my head.'

Vicky claimed that her efforts had been fruitful and she was feeling better than she had been in a long time. 

She wrote: 'I can honestly say I feel lighter than I have in ages! Less anxious, less stressed, more determined.'

In her post, she called her fans to keep on going and to follow her example in pushing out negative voices. 

She penned: 'I will not be controlled by that tiny, destructive voice in my head that is trying to keep me small. And neither should you.' 

'There is a whole wide world of class people and amazing opportunities if we just go out there and believe we are deserving of it all.'

She continued: 'So whatever that voice is telling you - whether it's saying you can't get the promotion, you can't give that talk, you can't start that new business or maybe it's just telling you that you can't leave the house today...try your very best to challenge that narrative and start your own one.'

She finished the post by saying: '[Make that narrative one] With you as the kick ass main character who is sassy, strong, and doesn't give a s**t what that poxy little inner critic thinks.' 

Friends and fans of her star were quick to rally round and show their support. 

Singer Paige Turley wrote: 'Love this Vicky..main character vibes always...Sending you lots of love!!!Xxx'. 

TV presenter Andrea McLean wrote: 'Bless you. Sending you a squeeze.' 

DJ Ben Nicky, an apparent fan of an ice bath, approved of Vicky's cool ventures.

He wrote: 'Do these everyday at home combined with the sauna and absolute game changer for the mind! Well done.'

Blogger Zanna van Dijk shared Ben's thoughts, commenting: 'Sending love, so happy to see you cold water dipping. It does wonders for the mind.' 

This post comes after Vicky revealed earlier this year that she went to therapy with her fiancé Ercan Ramadan as they struggled to adapt after lockdown

The brunette stunner, who recently celebrated her four-year anniversary with the builder, admitted that they weren't making each other happy. 

Support: Friends and fans of the star were quick to rally round her and approve of her icy ventures

Open: The post comes after Vicky shared earlier this year she and fiancé  Ercan Ramadan had gone to couples therapy

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, Vicky recalled the stressful moment when the couple moved into their £1.5million Essex mansion and adopted a puppy. 

She told the publication: 'The world was open. We had this house to pay for and this dog to train. We both went back to work and we just really struggled. 

'We weren't making each other that happy. And that is what I consider a good relationship to be, that you make each other better.

'But we spoke to someone and we found it super-beneficial. I am a huge advocate for therapy in any form. Whatever it is that helps you work through stuff.'

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